“Being on the end of a line and with no superfast broadband in our village I was getting fed up with my WiFi dropping out at various times throughout the day. After many complaints to BT they refuse to admit my fault and still insist my line is capable of 10mb download. It maybe at some times but with a student currently at home taking online exams I can not allow it to drop out at any time. Also watching Netflix in the evening it was always buffering and becoming very frustrating to use. Now I’ve changed to Rapid Rural who supply 100Mb/s often higher at a similar price! Their system is wireless so as long as you can see one of their transmitters you’re ok. I live in Whitchurch near Aylesbury and run a business park where good broadband is essential for my tenants. Stuart and his team are very helpful and only a phone call away if any issues arise. I had to reboot my credit card machine and his knowledge was excellent. Having known Stuart for several years I would recommend his honest reliable broadband service every time.” Guy Bond – Whitchurch Business Park

We run a very busy livery yard and riding school which would not be possible without a good quality internet connection.  Since install we have never had any problems and all the kids enjoy the wi-fi with their smart phones.” – Nickie Jackman – NJS Equestrian

“I have lived in North Marston since broadband first came and it has degraded every year, as more and more people were added to the BT service.  Since moving to Rapid Rural it has changed our lives – we no longer have to wait 2 hours for iPlayer downloads or get up in the early hours to download important documents.” – Paul Jeffery – North Marston.

We run a business in Aylesbury but we often work from home – this was very difficult before we got Rapid Rural’s service.  Now we take high speed internet for granted and run our business with ease.” M Talbot – Weedon

It was my dream home when I moved into the village but I hadn’t taken into account internet.  The existing BT connection was so slow and dropped out all of the time.  But now I use my smart TV all of the time – something which before was impossible! Excellent support and service too! Thank you Rapid Rural.” R Bagnall – Stone.

“In a world where often you end up banging your head to get what you want, I have to say the whole experience has been a pleasure so many thanks for the level of service provided and your expertise.”  D Gould – Lace Hill, Buckingham.

“I work from home as a tutor and researcher, and need rapid and dependable internet service for online tutorials and file transfers (uploads and downloads). Since Rapid Rural installed our wifi connection (arranged in a fortnight and took no more than a couple of hours), we have enjoyed internet speeds averaging more than 10x that provided by BT, and with no dropouts (which we regularly got with the BT service). On top of that, we’ve installed a Vonage VoIP phone service (we chose unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles option), and a Netflix subscription. And the monthly cost for all of that is about the same as our previous BT service. We’re well pleased.” P Ranford – Whitchurch.