Monthly Plan

Fees are charged on a monthly basis and cover all of your internet usage without any limits.  We charge £35.00 a month +VAT (£42.00 inc VAT). Our service has been engineered to provide you with a comprehensive service no matter what your needs whether you are looking to use a smart TV or if you depend on the internet for your business, our plan will work for you.



Installation is very light weight. We complete an initial remote check to survey your location to identify your requirements and then we work with you to locate a receiver at your property and configure a managed router. That’s all that’s needed before you are up and running. Installation costs start from £265.00 +VAT (318.00 inc VAT) dependent on your requirements.



We run our business on a rolling monthly basis, which means there are no contracts. We do this because we are so confident of our service levels. If for whatever reason you wanted to cancel your service with Rapid Rural all we need is a month’s notice.



How about a new telephone service to go with your broadband connection? A VoIP provider such as Vonage could save you up to £200 on your phone bill and mean no need for a separate telephone provider.