Rapid Rural provides ultra fast low-cost internet to rural locations in Buckinghamshire.

We are a pioneering broadband service with speeds in excess of 120Mb/s downstream and 30Mb/s upstream to help villagers overcome slow and non existent internet speeds. In the near future we are looking to increase these speeds further – keep up to date with our latest news.

A quality broadband connection is something we should be able to take for granted, but unfortunately in many idyllic villages this is not the case.  With so many aspects of work and life now dependent on the internet we understand how important a quality connection is.

The good news is that Rapid Rural can now provide a range of services to meet your needs, and provide a faster and more reliable service to your village.  We believe that no matter where you live you should be benefiting from super fast reliable broadband.

We have no monthly usage caps or maximum monthly data allowances which means you can enjoy the service to it’s fullest.