Lace Hill Buckingham – First Customer Online

Our first customer in the Lace Hill Development (Buckingham) went live today. Proper unlimited broadband for £35.00 per month.      

Live in Oving

We have our first connected customer in Oving. Receiving over 100Mb/s broadband for £35.00 a month.

Were testing to a new area..

We have got a new link in testing to provide service to a new area of Buckinghamshire. Current load tests are showing speeds of over 900Mb/s. Our network will be ready for the next generation of internet service unavailable over traditional copper lines.    

Our Network

We use fibre and wireless to deliver our service.. Speed test taken at peak time at the core of our network. This is what our network looks like when all customer are using the service. There’s plenty of bandwidth for all!

Green End – Granborough

We are pleased to be providing our latest customers in Green End (Granborough) with high speed internet. They have gone from 5Mb/s to 135Mb/s after a mornings installation in the wind and rain.

Performance boost

We constantly monitor our network to provide the best service and speeds we have streamlined our links to increase bandwidth: